Special Offer Bonus: Legacy Modules

In this Special Offer we include some of the most popular Dictation Boxes of previous SP Pro versions. For nostalgic reasons and just for fun ;-). Don't wait too long, this offer can expire at any time!

The dedicated, colorful Dictation Box High Contrast was one of the flagships when it came to visibility. Now all (and more!) of these features are integrated in the new All-In-One Dictation Box. But if your main reason for purchasing SP 6 PRO is high visibility then you will definitely welcome this one as well.

In addition you get the "No Headache" version. All buttons and text are silver on black which is very soothing for the eyes. Those who are prone to migraine will like this version.

The Dictation Box Advanced has always been the most popular box in the package. Many people prefer a fast box with extended formatting options and enhanced safety for larger dictations.
The advanced formatting features are now completely integrated in the All-In-One Dictation Box and many, many more features were added. However for nostalgic reasons, or if you want to keep things as simple as possible, here is the Dictation Box Advanced (improved version) once more :-).

The default version has font size 12 but you get additional 13/14 versions as well.

Dictation Boxes Top Left and Top Right were an unexpected success. The idea was simple: the command "Dictation Box Top Left" would launch a convenient small (blue) box in the top left corner so it would mostly be out-of-the-way of the target application. That worked and pretty soon a Top Right version was added as well. 

Of course the new Compact Mode featured SP 6 Pro produces a box that's almost as small and you can make it appear in every corner you like. But those who prefer the classical approach and look can give this one another go ;-)

The Dictation Box Minimal didn’t make it to the final SP 5 Pro release because by that time the collaboration with Tom, the new programmer had already begun and a much more advanced box was in sight.

This very minimal box is actually superior to the other legacy boxes because it uses a different text control. It's particularly smooth when using custom SendKeys Dragon commands within the box.

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