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Quickly write your own Voice Commands? Check out the Easy Guide to Dragon® Scripting

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SP 6 Standard - Turbocharge your speech productivity with 20 powerful Dragon® Add-ons

Auto Box© - The Auto-Transfer innovation with full Select-and-Say control and Foreground Detection. Watch Demonstration Video.
Semi-Automatic Dictation Boxes© - Much faster and safer than the Dragon® dictation box. Advanced Formatting, optional Continuous Dictation Backup, Ergonomic Hotkey Control.
SP Editor© - The versatile, ergonomic alternative to DragonPad, supports various file types and has over 100 built in voice commands.
Speaker© - Text To Speech that works everywhere, guaranteed!
HyperNotes© - The quickest way to store your thoughts and ideas.
SP Search© - Full Select-and-say control Internet searches right from your desktop in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
Global Placement© - Place program/Explorer windows in any of the nine available grid locations or drag/nudge them with pixel precision. 
Global Sizing© - Instant, high precision resizing of any application or Explorer window by voice.
Dragon® & VC Restart© - The fastest way to close or restart Dragon®.
Quick Correct© - Instantly replace multiple occurrences of words, numbers etc. Remove all unnecessary spaces in your document.
Spell In Any Application© - You can now use the Dragon® Spelling Window in speech unfriendly applications as well!
Search Correct© - Select-and-Say word replacement/removal in speech unfriendly browser address bars and email clients.
Press Utility© - The quickest and smoothest way to keep your mouse buttons pressed by voice.
Quick Store© - Lightning fast storing of website text and URLs. 
Hotkeys for Dragon® - Turn any Dragon® command into a Hotkey!
WE Power Commands© - Direct editing control of files and folders in Windows Explorer and Desktop.
Switch© - Window switching by voice, 50% faster than scripting.
Quick Panel© - Your multifunctional hands-free starting page!
Button Grid© - Simple, highly visible grid with 399 pointer positions. 
Where's my Pointer© - Quickly locate your mouse pointer by voice. 
BONUS: Designer Boxes Package - Buy SP 6 Standard now and get nine additional stylish boxes for free!

Want even more? You can now boost your speech productivity with 30 powerful Dragon® add-ons. SP 6 PRO is the one-stop Dragon Naturally Speaking® Enhancement & Productivity Suite. No other third-party Dragon® add-on package offers such a huge amount of features.
Get ready to boost your Dragon® experience in numerous ways. There's very little SP 6 PRO cannot do, it really covers all bases!

Just take a peek at the demonstration videos below to see what we mean. Note that these are only eight modules. The entire package consists of 30 powerful Dragon® add-ons. That's a lot of value for your money! So head over to the Product Page and grab your copy of SP 6 PRO today. 
We can't wait to welcome you to the ever-growing Speech Productivity community!

All-In-One Dictation Box©

SP Application Activation©

SP Advanced Placement©

SP Press Utility©

SP Quick Correct©

SP Quiet Box©

SP Launching Zone©

SP Find Me©

SP Plates©

SP Glide©