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This guide is aimed at the novice Dragon Professional user who wants to get productive creating his/her own voice commands. Contrary to other books on the subject this is an easy to understand, step-by-step manual that will get you up and running in no time.

It focuses mainly on DVC scripting (Dragon’s native scripting language) and not on Advanced Scripting that came with later versions. Elementary syntax of these languages is similar and the differences in simple day-to-day use are minimal.

Advanced Scripting has become rather slow in DPI (Dragon Professional Individual) 14 and 15 while DVC scripting still guarantees the fastest (multithreaded) command deployment. Most DVC commands are twice as fast!

The book only discusses scripting elements that people will actually use on a day-to-day basis. There's no unnecessary complexity which so often is a turnoff for beginners. Only easy to understand language with lots of practical examples. This book will definitely inspire you to come up with your own creative command ideas! 

You get PDF, EPUB and MOBI version!

The Easy Guide to Dragon Scripting - INDEX
1. Cover
2. Back
3. Chapters
4. Introduction
5. Advanced Scripting versus DVC (legacy commands)
7. A note on command names and general use of your voice
8. A note on microphones
9. Dragon’s built in 'easy' command creators
15. About keyboard shortcuts
17. Creating fast voice commands with DVC scripting
19. SendKeys
22. SendSystemKeys
23. AppBringUp
24. ShellExecute
25. HeardWord
27. Combining several techniques in one command
30. List commands
36. List commands with arguments
40. Open Ended commands
42. Mouse commands
47. Additional DVC commands
48. More examples
55. DVC versus Advanced Scripting: Syntax
57. Fast is fun!
58. Appendix 1
61. Appendix 2

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