SP Utilities is comprised of five small but highly effective Dragon add-ons. These will enhance productivity for every Dragon Professional user!

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This simple tool will quickly alphabetize any (vertical) list of words like a list of colleague names, companies or cities. It will also rearrange a list from 1 to 10 in the right order.

Simply select the list items and say "Alphabetize That". The items will be rearranged alphabetically. To undo the alphabetizing say "undo that".

SP Alphabetizer works in any text application like Word, WordPad, DragonPad and of course in the SP Dictation Boxes and SP Editor.


You're busy responding to client emails, doing some posting on Facebook and then all of a sudden you realize you have to call the babysitter tomorrow because you won't be home in the evening. You also want to remind yourself to do a Google search on that new allergy medicine.

It could be anything really. What matters is that you need to store your thoughts right now before they slip your mind. And NO you don't want to open your text editor, dictate the text, save the file, browse to a location, give the file a name.

SP Hyper Notes makes it possible to quickly store anything that pops into mind with two or even one single voice command and without any Save as dialogs. Your dictation is automatically stored to a dedicated text file in your Documents folder. Date and time are added with every new entry as well.


Although DPI 14/15 (and older Dragon professional versions) offer a lot of comfort to hands-free users, hands-free control of the mouse is not perfect yet. One of the features you need is the ability to quickly keep the mouse buttons pressed for convenient drag-and-drop operations. There are some advanced scripting macros for this available but they usually perform to slow to make them really usable.

SP Press Utility offers an alternative solution. Pressing of the buttons is done by means of very fast standalone executables. They are launched with DVC voice commands. Pressing of the mouse buttons occurs almost instantly. An interesting feature is that you can combine it with the powerful VoiceComputer intags. This results in highly productive voice commands like: "Press 15", "Press Right 6" etc.


Although both SP Standard and SP Professional offer much faster, more versatile Dictation Boxes with higher visibility, some users prefer the Dragon dictation box. One of the upsides of this box is the automatic launching feature.

This Add-on package ads interesting additional functionality and enhanced levels of safety to the Dragon dictation box previously only available in the SP Dictation Boxes.

Permanent dictation backup for ultimate safety, fast positioning in any of nine grid locations, fast box resizing, six levels of translucency (semi-transparency), quick font resizing and zoom, disabling (locking) and the option to conceal/reveal the dictation box.


This simple but effective mouse pointer scheme will make your work in Windows more convenient. Especially in Windows 10 the mouse cursor is getting harder to spot. Using a high resolution (4K) monitor makes things even worse.

This high visibility pointer scheme uses the maximum 32x32pt cursor size available in Windows. Of course there are larger pointers out there but those are less suitable for precise editing. 

If you like the High Contrast Dictation Box you will love this pointer set!

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