SP 5.7 Professional - the best Speech Productivity has to offer!

Pro Dictation Boxes offer greatly improved functionality and enhanced visibility compared to the SP Standard edition. Get ready to work with the most versatile, user-friendly boxes ever!

SP Editor the feature-rich, ergonomic alternative to DragonPad. With more than 100 built in voice commands this is the most Dragon friendly text editor ever! 

Hotkeys for Dragon 2.0 allows you to load 72(!) Dragon voice commands and launch them with a Hotkey. Just type in the command name and you're good to go. The hotkeys also work with top level menus and primary application/dialog buttons.

Quick Store the fastest way to store website text and URLs, has become a global application and now works in all browsers, even in Edge/Edge Dev. 

Application Activation a faster, more reliable alternative to the Dragon swith to <application> commands, has become more powerful and wider application support was added.
Dragon & VC Restart the fastest way to restart Dragon when it has crashed, now also offers support for KnowBrainer and SpeechStart+. Quickly relaunch them all in seconds, with a Hotkey!

Of course SP 5.7 Pro also includes Chrome Search and Speaker.

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Universal Improvements

The Pro Dictation Boxes can quickly be maximized and minimized. Most Boxes support custom resizing as well. Size and location will be remembered next time you launch the box. This is a global setting which will reliably persist after reboot. 

You can place the Pro Dictation Boxes anywhere on the screen or quickly move them to a pixel precise location with convenient voice commands. The new Grab function will make sure the box is quickly out of the way. You can even make the boxes follow your mouse cursor!
Completely hide the Dictation Box (with its contents) and bring it back with just one voice command. This is the perfect privacy solution if you're temporarily away from your computer or if you want to exclude the box from your Alt+Tab sequences.

Enhanced Visibility Options

Visibility and accessibility are core features of SP Pro. Several boxes have one click text resize/color options and built-in high contrast, compact and transparent modes.

The dedicated High Contrast Dictation Box has convenient text zoom and color commands. Users with eyesight problems will welcome the Visual Impaired Mode which renders very large, razor-sharp font. If you're prone to headaches and/or migraines triggered by vivid colors and colorful images on computer screens then you can use the No Headache Dictation Box version introduced in the most recent SP Pro 5.7.3 update.

There is a dedicated Transparent Dictation Box with true transparency allowing all light to come through. The result is a crystal-clear view on the underlying target application. SP Pro also features 10 levels of global translucency (semi-transparency) that work with all Dictation Boxes.

More Flexibility

Apart from the Default Dictation Box you get Advanced, Large, Log, Translucent, Transparent, TTS, Non-Clipboard, Tiny, Top Left and Hotkey controlled Push & Talk Dictation Box versions.

Transfer all text in the box or only the text that you have selected. Optional TRANSPORT feature instantly reopens the box after transfer, keeping the Dictation Box "virtually open".

The SP Dictation Boxes by default always transfer to the active (foreground) application but with SP Pro you can now directly transfer to applications that are minimized or don't have focus (virtual locking). All known applications like Chrome, Edge, Word, Outlook, Thunderbird are supported (for all supported applications see Application Activation feature below). This is great if you work with multiple programs or decide to transfer your text to another application.

A special Dictation Box version completely controlled by Hotkeys. Launches instantly. Perfect for Facebook and Messenger programs but also a good solution if you only need to dictate briefly into certain applications or if you are working in a noisy environment.

The Fastest way to Restart Dragon, VoiceComputer, KnowBrainer and SpeechStart+  

SP Standard already gives you the option to very quickly relaunch Dragon (and VoiceComputer) with a simple Hotkey. but with SP 5.7 Pro KnowBrainer and SpeechStart+ are supported as well. It's the perfect solution if either Dragon or any of the other applications have become unresponsive. 
No more waiting or opening the Task Manager to go through the cumbersome process of killing each process manually. One simple Hotkey quickly relaunches them all!

Application Activation just got better! 

New applications were added and now you can not only directly activate the following folders/applications when they are minimized or don't have focus, you can also directly close them:

Access, Chrome, Command Browser, Command Prompt (CMD), Chrome Search, Dictation Box, Documents, DragonPad, Edge, Edge Dev, Excel, Firefox, Hotkeys for Dragon, Internet Explorer, Libre Office Writer, Notepad, Notepad ++, One Note, Open Office Writer, Opera, Outlook, Paint, Paint Net, Pictures, Publisher, Quick Store, Recycle Bin, SP Editor, Startup Folder, Task Manager, This PC, Thunderbird, Visual Studio, Word, Wordpad, WordPerfect

Have a bunch of applications open and want to quickly activate one and close another? It's as easy as this example: "Activate Internet Explorer", "Close Paint.NET".

Speech Productivity's flagship SP Editor is the ergonomic feature-rich alternative to DragonPad. It adds many interesting assistive and visibility features. SP Editor includes Quick Correct which enables on-the-fly correction of multiple occurrences of words, punctuation marks, unnecessary spaces. You can instantly replace all flat apostrophes in your document with curved apostrophes or all flat quotes with curly quotes and pretty much everything else you would like to replace. Remove empty and duplicate lines. Reliably convert all lowercase text to all uppercase instantly. 

New features (customer requests as well) are added to SP Editor all the time like the Paste Unformatted Text feature which quickly converts copied formatted text to non-formatted text. The most recent feature added in the SP Pro 5.7.3 update is Select to Comma/Period which selects the text between current cursor location and the next "."/",". Re-issuing these commands will select the text to the next period/comma, and the next, and so on.

You get an additional SP Editor Log version which silently backs up your dictated text and automatically adds date and time. Best of all SP Editor has a Transfer Text function so you can use it as a powerful and versatile Dictation Box as well!

Quick Store is enhanced

In SP Standard Quick Store only works in Chrome and Internet Explorer but in the Pro version it works everywhere. The Quick Store URL command is available in all browsers, even in Edge. It's also a great command to use in Windows Explorer because there it will quickly save the Explorer folder path. This is convenient if you want to create voice commands to bring up folders (using AppBringUp or ShellExecute).

The Quick Store That command has become universal and works in any application where you can select text. 

Quick Store really is the fastest, most ergonomic way to quickly save URLs and text. There's no interruption of your workflow!

Hotkeys for Dragon - give your voice a rest!

You can store a total amount of 72 Dragon voice commands (both built in and custom Dragon commands) that can then be launched with a hotkey. There are three group pages (tabs) each with 24 hotkey combinations. Changes are applied immediately (real-time) and stored to the registry. 

The hotkeys are dominant (take precedence over built in, existing application/window hotkeys). You can designate any Dragon voice command to the following (fixed) hotkey combinations:

Function Keys
Alternate + Function Keys
Control + Function Keys
Control + Alternate + Function Keys
Win + Function Keys
Control + Win + Function Keys. 

You can also create hotkeys to control top-level menus like File, Edit, View, Format in text editors like Notepad, Wordpad and Word.

Main dialog buttons are also supported so you can easily create hotkeys for the Transfer and Cancel buttons of the Dragon dictation box or the most important buttons of the Dragon Options dialog. 

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