SP 4.5 features the Quick Dictation Box for Dragon Professional editions. It has rapidly become the #1 choice for Dragon users to dictate into speech-unfriendly applications.
1. Much faster than the Dragon dictation box.
2. Ultimate safety. You will never lose your dictation again!
3. Razor-sharp text on any monitor or Windows scaling. 
4. Additional Large, High-Contrast, Transparent, XXL and Tiny versions. 
5. Enhanced with convenient Hotkey control.
6. Lightning-fast Power Commands.

The speed and visual quality of these boxes are unparalleled. You'll wonder how you ever did without them! 

But it doesn't stop there. SP 4.5 also gives you Select-and-say enabled Chrome Search, Superfast Saving of Website URLs, Text to Speech that works everywhere, Fast Application Activation commands and a convenient utility to Quickly Stop or Restart Dragon with a Hotkey

That's a lot of value for just $25. Buy SP once and get all future versions for free (you will be notified if updates are available).

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The Quick Dictation Box loads much faster than the Dragon dictation box. It's even faster than Notepad. If you use additional hotkey control you can boost things even more and launch It within 0.4 seconds! 
In addition, all SP voice commands are written in DVC (legacy) format which performs noticeably faster than Advanced Scripting especially in DPI 14/15.


Many Dragon Professional users have lost their dictations due to accidental closing of the Dragon dictation box, pressing the wrong button or using Notepad as an alternative. With the DPI 15.3 update this problem has become worse. 
The Quick Dictation Box always stores your dictation to the clipboard. It's simply impossible to ever lose your dictation again!

Best visible

Latest generation 2K and 4K monitors give sharper text and images but also introduce the problem of a very small native Dragon dictation box with text that's getting hard to read. The Quick Dictation Box really excels when it comes to visibility. Razor-sharp text on any monitor or Windows 10 zoom setting (DPI-Aware). Perfect for people with visibility problems.

Most versatile

Additional Dictation Box versions are included: Large, XXL, High Contrast, Transparent and Tiny (non-clipboard) versions. Each of them can be launched with a dedicated voice command and each can be set as default. Those with vision problems love the High Contrast version while medical workers often are interested in the Transparent version. Programmers and coders will favor the Tiny (non-clipboard) version. SP 4.5 gives you many options!